Put Yourself Out There

Reports from the front on Astrophysics, Statistics, and Data Science


I'd like to use this blog as a vehicle to share my cognitive and creative thoughts. Putting myself out there, as it were. Sometimes out there will be "out there". So be it.

There are three things that finally compelled me to put this all together. The first are remembered words of Bill Walton, along the lines of "walk like a giant, and get in the game of life". This has always been a bit tricky for me, as I prefer to operate more on the social fringes where I am less likely to be judged, to misstep, or to let slip how strangely I prefer to interpret the world. A bit of social anxiety, as it were; perhaps more professional anxiety when it truly comes down to it. I am a faculty member, after all. But I am also myself.

The second is a great article by Charles Mudede in the wake of the Seattle Seahawks' superbowl victory. The last couple paragraphs spoke to me, and speak to why I live in the Pacific Northwest: the things happening in Seattle are "... all a bit freakish, all a bit not with the American program, all a bit out there." This is the world I want to live in, and to be a part of.

Finally, the realization that in this 21st century, if you're not out in it, you're at a disadvantage. This is a time of massive technological change, a grand opportunity, once in a lifetime, or even rarer. Not just for industry, art, and science but for communication, the exchange of ideas, and the generation of new ones. I have several friends who are absolutely lighting things up in new and different ways using these new platforms. Leading, being in the world, all in all nice work! Inspiration accomplished.

Writing the code to make the future happen is not enough; you have to represent it. Which is what I intend to do here as best I can.